Age groups

Baby Room

Our Baby room is a safe, secure and cosy room, with plenty of space for the babies to learn and explore. We can have a maximum of 12 babies in the baby room and the child to staff ratio is 3:1. Our staff are qualified and experienced, therefore they have the necessary knowledge to care and support babies through the early stages of their development. We are firm believers that children this age need continuity of care. When your baby first starts nursery we will work very closely with you to ensure that your baby’s home routine is followed. Our staff offer opportunities for the babies to progress and learn at their own pace, which enables them to grow in confidence.

Little Bears

Our Little Bears room offers a more structured routine for your child. It caters for children aged two to three years old. The maximum amount of Little Bears we can have is 12 and our child to staff ratio is 4:1. The Little Bears are encouraged to be as independent as possible, we encourage potty training, positive behaviour and promote children to express themselves through language.


Our Preschool children have access to three large rooms, where child-led and adult-led activities are implemented daily. We can cater for 24 Preschool children at one time. Children are aged three to five years old and the child to staff ratio is 8:1. The aim is to prepare the children for school and for them to develop a love for lifelong learning. By the time the Preschool children leave us, they will be happy, confident, motivated, empathetic, independent and friendly individuals. All of which we hope will help them achieve a smooth transition onto big school.