What parents say about us…

Maybe you need just a little more reassurance to help you decide if The Old Fire Station Children’s Nursery is the right place for your child. So here are just a few, unedited comments from the parents of the lovely children we have cared for…

‘My son has been very well looked after since he first started at the Old Fire Station Nursery when he was 7 months old. I have always found the staff to be very caring and approachable and they seem to take a real interest in each of the children. I should also say that I look forward to receiving his ‘day sheet’ when I pick him up that tells me all about the varied things he has been up to during the day – some of the activities he does at nursery I would not have the time or resources to be able to do at home so I am very grateful for that! I am also pleased that he gets such a variety of good food to eat – sometimes I comment that he eats better than me!’

‘Very happy with B’s care and attention at the nursery. The team are all very helpful and supporting. I think B’s really likes the food too’.

‘As far as recommendation for you guys, all I can say is that you have been great, I was always happy to leave him there and he was always happy when I picked him up, you couldn’t ask for much more as a parent. I liked the creative stuff you did with him, loved the celebration cards and the things he made. The benefit of Fire Station Nursery is location. It is great to be working close to your child, knowing that if ever there is a problem you can be there in a few minutes. And that has to be a strong consideration for any one leaving their child at nursery.’

‘Since J has attended nursery I have seen him develop more in terms of feeding and talking. I find the staff really attentive and supportive’.

‘I feel that C is learning well and he enjoys himself at nursery’